You need to be able to attract customers at a trade fair because of increasing competition. The most popular trade shows booths are unique and attract a lot of leads.

How can I make my booth stand out at trade shows? We get this question a lot. Here are some suggestions to help you create your next trade show booth, exhibit, or display.

Consistent branding is essential

Your booth should be consistent across the entire area. You must keep your brand’s theme consistent across all trade show displays resources, including banners and graphics as well as freebies.

Be wise with your choice of colors

Different colors can elicit different reactions in people. Your display can make you stand out and help spread your message. While they look professional, cool colors such as white, blue, and green don’t attract much attention. You should use brighter colors like yellow, orange, and red carefully as they can be distracting.

Use a simple, but clear message.

To ensure that your key messages are clearly visible, place them above 3-4 feet. Your company logo can be attached to key parts of the display to strengthen your brand. For easy viewing from a distance, keep your message short and to the point.

High-resolution graphics and images are recommended.

High-resolution images are essential for trade show displays. Filters can be used to make your product images pop. However, printed materials could contain blurred, hazy or stretched images. Make sure your materials are created by a professional designer to meet the highest design standards before you send them off for printing.

Make the most of focal points.

Some areas of your booth are more important than others (focal point). Many small- to medium-sized booths are focused on the back wall. Your most important design element, message and logo, should be visible there. Larger booths may have multiple focus points or even two back walls. This space should contain the key information about your brand and will be at the center of your booth’s visual reality.

White spaces have an impact.

You don’t want your booth to be empty. However, it is important to know the benefits of having one. Do not stuff it with heavy inventory or awkward furniture. Keep it clean and inviting. Your graphics should also have negative space.

For booth graphics, there should be 40% of the space left empty. This will ensure that your brand isn’t drowned in images and doesn’t overpower your message. Your booth is your one chance to make an impression. Don’t overload it with unnecessary information.

The final note

To make interactive, you can use touch screen technology to hold contests or show product demos.

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