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DNL: Your Trusted Wholesale Supplier of Trailer Parts and Accessories

Qingdao DongLu Industries Ltd. (DNL), situated by the picturesque seaside of Qingdao, is your go-to destination for wholesale trailer parts and accessories. Specializing in high-quality products, like trailer stand wheel, heavy duty trailer jack wheel, 60mm jockey wheel, and so on. DNL caters to a wide range of needs within the trailer industry.

Effective Lift Capacity and Distance Traveled

With its remarkable 3,500 lb. lift capacity, the Paris Rhône Energy EJ3500B is appropriate for a variety of trailers and recreational vehicles. This electric driven jack has 14 inches of motion, which allows for quick placement and simple height adjustment of your trailer to match your towing vehicle.

Drop Leg Adjustable for Flexibility

With an 8-inch-travel drop leg, the EJ3500B offers great adjustability to accommodate different hitch heights. This feature guarantees you can quickly adjust the arrangement to suit your needs, regardless of uneven terrain or varying trailer coupler heights.

Convenient LED Light for Night Operations

One standout feature of the Paris Rhône Energy EJ3500B electric powered jack is its multi-angle LED light. This innovative addition makes it effortless to operate the jack and hook up your trailer at night. The angled LED light illuminates the trailer coupler, ensuring visibility and ease of use even in low-light conditions.


From the European continent to North America, DNL’s footprint spans across 45 countries, serving over 140 customers with premium trailer parts and accessories. Emphasizing professional service and reliability, DNL strives to support the growth and success of businesses worldwide through their extensive product offerings and unwavering dedication to quality. For all your trailer part wholesale needs, trust DNL to provide excellence in heavy duty trailer jack wheel.

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