How to Read Standard Football Odds for Beginners

How to read soccer odds is a knowledge that players need to grasp carefully when participating in sports betting. For new recruits, understanding how to read will help them quickly improve their abilities. Right here, let’s go  OKVIP Come to the specific shares in the article below to understand clearly.

How to read football odds?

How to read odds is a knowledge that players need to grasp carefully when participating in betting and hunting for prizes with sports. They will let you know what situations are happening and what direction the match is trending in. From there, you can make for yourself the right choice in betting and seize the opportunity to hunt for big rewards.

Currently, there are many different types of odds offered, so you will have to learn many ways to read the odds. In situations where players do not understand carefully, they will definitely make wrong judgments and be confused with other types of bets.

How to read detailed soccer odds for new players

If you are a new player who does not have much experience reading odds, below we will guide you with some useful knowledge.

Read Asian odds

Other names are handicap odds, handicap odds, etc. The player will be given a certain rate. Your task is to find out more information from the data provided and make a careful assessment to see if you should choose the upper or lower bet.

The above bet represents the team with a higher chance of winning. They will accept the odds with the lower team. After the match ends, points will be added to the final score for the member.

For example, if Vietnam meets the Thai team in the semi-finals of the Seagame, how to read the soccer odds with a handicap of 1.5 is as follows:

  • For the Vietnamese team, it is the upper bet, when winning the final result is 1 – 1, so the lower bet is added 1.5 points, the ratio is 1 – 2.5. So, you bet on the under to win.
  • Similar to the above, the final score is 0 – 1, the lower team does not need to add the score to still win.
  • In case Vietnam wins 3 – 1, the score difference is 2 goals or more even if additional points are added, the above bet will still win.

How to read European football odds

Compared to Asian handicaps, new players often adapt to European handicaps more quickly. Specifically, you will see the 1×2 symbol in this odds table, read as follows:

  • 1: This bet represents the home team. If the home team wins, you will receive a reward.
  • 2: The bet represents the team playing as a guest.
  • x: This is the symbol representing the draw bet.

Looking at it, you can see that with the above way of reading European football odds, just observe a few times and you can grasp the ability to quickly win prizes.

How to read over/under football odds

Compared to European odds, over/under odds will be somewhat more difficult to grasp. Specifically, during the match, the house will give you information about the benchmark value. If the match ends and the total score is higher than this value, the player bets on Over to win. Conversely, the lower the final score, the players who choose to bet on the under win.

In over/under bets, there are also additional types of bets combined with handicaps. So after adding up the points, people will analyze the results for this bet.

Notes when reading soccer odds

We have introduced the standard ways to read odds above in the article. Below are some things you need to know when participating:


  • Depending on the time, the bet rate may change to different rates. So, what you need to do is carefully grasp each fluctuation, thereby making more accurate judgments.
  • You should stay away from fake bets. For those who have a lot of experience in reading soccer bets today, they all know which signs are a type of bet that should not be trusted.
  • When reading odds, players need to go to reputable places such as OKVIP to be provided with accurate information. From there, you will find useful data in your betting process.
  • Studying carefully each way to read the odds, many people still have confusion between Asian odds and over/under odds, leading to early losing results.


Thus, instructions on how to read football odds with each different type have been updated in the article. Hopefully, from the above information, those new to this type of bounty hunting will have more basic knowledge and begin the journey to conquer victory effectively.

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