Learn how the PKI Protocol allows PGP (pretty greatprivacy in DSCs).

Digital Signature is a cryptographic process that software developers use to protect their end users from cybercrime. They are more effective due to the dramatic increase in security and trust as well as legal validity. Digital signatures online ensure the authenticity and security of electronic reports. You can use digital signatures in the following places.

  1. Legal Warning Only authorized persons can use digital signatures. It will be considered illegal if it is misused and could also be liable.
  1. Certification Providing Agencies The controller of Certification Agencies, (CCA) appoints Certification Agencies pursuant to the provisions of IT Act 2000. 8 agencies have been certified to issue DSC certificates.
  1. There are many classes of DSCs. One can choose based on his or her needs.
  1. Validity All Digital Signature Certificates must be renewed each year starting from the date of their purchase.
  1. The price of digital signature varies depending on the DSC class selected. Not only must payment be made at the time you purchase, but also when you renew your DSC class.

Digital Signature

It is similar to digital fingerprints. It is a coded message. It secures a signed document with a recorded transaction. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a standard format for digital signatures. It provides high security and guarantees that all end-users are protected. Electronic signature technology allows them to protect data through digital documents. Every person has an unique e signature. Conforming to the law, an e signature gives authenticity and validity to a digital file with the signer’s identification.

Public Key Cryptography

Public-key cryptography is the technology that’s used to create the digital signature. It uses both private and public key pair system.

  • Private Key – Encrypts/Encodes data only to the signer
  • Public Key – Encrypts/decodes data into digital documents, and then shares it with the receiver.

To make this happen, however, both parties must have a digital signature certificate.

Digital Signatures: signature makers can reduce the risk of malicious parties tampering with documents.

It is easy to track digitally signed documents and keep them under control.

What is Digital Signature Sent?

  1. The sender selects which documents are to be digitally signed
  2. By encrypting the hash value digital signature with the sender’s key, File contents can be given a unique cash value.
  3. The file was sent to the receiver with a digital signature.
  4. The receiver opens the file
  5. The public key is used by the receiver to decrypt the digital signature stored in his/her computer.
  6. The computer calculates the encrypted file using the decrypted haveh.

Digital signatures are a necessity for many companies and individuals. Our work can be made more efficient by upgrading our technology.

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