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MasterSpec DDR4 U-DIMM High-Speed Memory Modules: Boosting Industrial Embedded SSD Performance

The performance and reliability benchmarks in memory technology are redefined by the high-speed YANSEN memory modules. These modules represent the pinnacle of state-of-the-art invention in the field of industrial embedded SSD solutions. They are expertly designed and constructed for perfection.

Innovative Technology and Design

The cutting-edge YANSEN modules combine eight pieces of 512M x 8, 1024M x 8, 256MX16, 512MX16, 1GX8, 2GX8, and 2GX16 bits DDR4 SDRAM in FBGA packaging with a 4K bits serial EEPROM. This powerful combination is housed on a 288-pin printed circuit board, which ensures excellent performance and reliability for industrial embedded SSD applications.

Dual In-Line Memory Module Design

YANSEN modules are Dual In-Line Memory Modules (DIMMs) specifically made to fit into 288-pin edge connector sockets. This design facilitates seamless integration into industrial embedded SSD systems by providing flexibility and versatility for a variety of applications in demanding environments.

Greater Bandwidth and Performance

YANSEN modules for industrial embedded SSDs offer unparalleled versatility with multiple operating frequencies and customizable latencies for high bandwidth, high-performance memory system applications. Regardless of the data-intensive tasks or complex computing activities they manage, these modules consistently deliver exceptional performance and dependability, meeting the stringent needs of industrial applications.


The highest level of memory technology available for industrial embedded SSD solutions is represented by YANSEN high-speed memory modules, to sum up. Discover the potential for industrial embedded SSD applications with the power and dependability of YANSEN modules. These modules provide excellent performance and smooth operation in demanding industrial settings.

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