Using Polybutylene Succinate, the Hengli Group Creates a Sustainable Plastic Alternative.

Plastic is used in everything from packaging to medical equipment, making it a crucial component of daily life. However, the negative impacts of plastic on the environment have been extensively documented, making it more crucial than ever to develop sustainable substitutes.

Overview of Plastic Made with Polybutylene Succinate

PBS, or polybutylene succinate, is produced using renewable resources. PBS is recyclable, biodegradable, and has a small environmental impact. In many situations, PBS can take the place of conventional plastics.

PBS is processed from a polyester synthesized from butylene glycol and succinic acid. PBS is biodegradable and will eventually decompose into harmless components. PBS can also be recycled. PBS is recyclable and can either be converted back into its original form or used to create new items.

Polybutylene Succinate Plastic Applications

PBS, or polybutylene succinate, is a flexible plastic with a wide range of uses. PBS is a biodegradable substitute for conventional plastics that is better for the environment. PBS can be used to make a wide range of items, such as:

Food packaging, including bags and wraps, is frequently made with PBS.

-Disposable plates and cups: PBS can produce disposable plates and cups. These goods are frequently biodegradable or compostable.

PBS can function as a separator in batteries. This makes the battery more environmentally friendly and helps to increase its lifespan.

-PBS can be used to create foam insulation. This aids in lowering carbon emissions and energy use.

-Building: Due to its great heat resistance and durability, PBS plastic is frequently used in construction applications such as pipes, siding, and gutters.

-Automotive: PBS plastic can be utilized for dashboards, door panels, and seating in automobiles. PBS plastic is frequently used by automotive manufacturers since it is lightweight and highly impact resistant.


Hengli Group‘s introduction of an environmentally friendly replacement for conventional plastics has revolutionized the plastics sector. We are forward to seeing what else the Hengli Group team may accomplish in the area of sustainability as they continue to strive for excellence in this area.

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