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Youibot P200: Advanced Monolithic Structure and Multi-System Cooperative Control for Intralogistics

Youibot P200 is a cutting-edge AMR solution that sets a new benchmark in intralogistics operations. With its innovative monolithic structure design and multi-system cooperative control, Youibot P200 delivers unmatched efficiency, flexibility, and reliability. Let’s explore how these features are transforming intralogistics and automated manufacturing solutions.

Monolithic Structure Design

The Youibot P200 features a monolithic structure design where the upper panel and component mounting positions are integrated and isolated from the power wheel and housing design. This ensures that the core drive capability of Youibot P200 remains unaffected during maintenance or integration. This design supports the stable installation of upper integrated structural components and facilitates seamless connection to each control key component during integration. The monolithic design enhances the security of the AMR solution, making Youibot P200 a robust and reliable choice for various intralogistics tasks.

Multi-System Cooperative Control

In the realm of robotic logistics and automated manufacturing, Youibot P200 excels with its multi-system cooperative control. It facilitates seamless integration with sensors, cobots, and other control systems, including upper PLCs. By incorporating a basic AMR operating system and dispatch system, Youibot P200 offers the flexibility required for efficient integration processes. This unified control capability streamlines operations at the operating level and reduces the workload associated with developing chassis interfaces for new integrated components. Leveraging the standard Youibot P200 chassis, integration can be achieved directly, ensuring the fulfillment of specified functional requirements with ease.


In conclusion, Youibot P200 stands as a pioneering AMR solution in intralogistics and automated manufacturing. Its monolithic structure design and multi-system cooperative control set it apart, offering unparalleled adaptability, security, and efficiency. By integrating seamlessly with various control systems and maintaining robust performance during maintenance and integration, Youibot P200 empowers businesses to optimize their operations with ease. Embrace the future of intralogistics with Youibot P200 and experience enhanced productivity and operational excellence.

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