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iTop Screen Recorder, a Mac program that records your desktop and mouse cursor is free. You can record at various resolutions. It also has an editor that allows you to edit and save your video file in just one click. You can also use the settings to take screen shots or keystrokes. iTop Screen Recorder allows you to quickly edit your screen and is very easy to use. You can add text borders or captions to the screen. It supports A/V recording well and can save your recordings in many file formats.

How do I record my screen on iTop Screen Recorder

iTop screen recorder allows you to capture your screen on Windows and macOS. It has a simple interface, which allows users to take screenshots and record videos. After you are done recording, you can upload your video to YouTube or share it via Facebook. You have many options to personalize your screen recordings. You can change the transparency of your photos, choose which app to save on your computer and set the video’s size.

  • Download the App Store free app.
  • Next, open the app by clicking “Record” at bottom of screen.
  • Simply click on the camera icon to start recording immediately.
  • You can also record audio and text frequently used by clicking on “Mic”, or “Text.”

Alternatives to the free screen recording program

A few programs can be used instead of the free screen recorder. iTop Screen Recorder is one such program. It has more features than the free version. You can also use your phone’s camera to record screen. You will need to download a special app onto your phone and set it as your default screen recorder.

iTop Screen Recorder can be downloaded on both Mac and PC. The program is extremely easy to use, and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Simply open the program, click on the start button, and then press the stop button once the video is captured. The recorded video will be saved to a.mp4 file in a matter of seconds.

This screen recording tool is free and easy to use. It allows you to record audio directly over the video. This is one of the most important features. This is useful when you need to review your screen recording and correct any errors in narration or dialogue.


Screen recording allows you to capture your screen and live stream your activities on your computer. There are many screen recorders available, but it all depends on what you need. The iTop Screen Recorder will be the best option if you’re looking for a simple screen recorder that can capture short videos quickly without the need to set up preferences.

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